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Gennex® Colour Technology.

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All paints are created with the same components, however not all paints are created equal. Over ten years ago, we revamped our entire paint-making process with new formulas, new colour machines and new colorants, resulting in Gennex® Colour Technology. With its gorgeous hues and unmatched durability, Gennex is the "why" behind Benjamin Moore’s renowned quality.

The Gennex® Advantage for Professional Contractors

As a professional, with Gennex you get…

The Competitive Edge-Maximize performance and get long-lasting results with proprietary colorant and proven paint technology.

Efficiency-Complete jobs faster for a quicker return to service.

Colour Consistency-Offer a full range of colour options, in the deepest shades, thanks to the particular combination of Benjamin Moore paint and Gennex colorant.

Zero VOC Colorant-Our zero VOC paints remain zero VOC, even after tinting with Gennex® colorants, and are able to meet or exceed the most stringent environmental standards.

How Does Gennex Work?

Common paint colorants require certain chemicals, including one or more surfactants, to help with pigment distribution, as well as flow and levelling. These same chemicals also weaken the paint and effect durability, especially in deeper hues.

Gennex waterborne colorants change all that. Made specifically for Benjamin Moore paints, Gennex removes unnecessary components that weaken paint. The result? Gennex...

  • Delivers superior hide, flow and levelling
  • Stands up to harsh weather conditions
  • Resists colour fading and transfer
  • Assures colour consistency

Depth. Durability. Testing.

Deeper hues require more colorants, which leads to more chemicals that can weaken paint and impact durability. That is not the case with Gennex®.

Gennex colorants deliver consistent durability in any colour, which means your clients can choose from the full colour spectrum and enjoy the results—long after you’ve finished the job. This means less time managing callbacks, and more time quoting new referrals.

Benjamin Moore does not limit durability testing to only whites. Instead, we test every colour depth, so you can rest assured that our deepest colours are just as durable as our white paints.

The superior durability of Gennex colorants, on even the deepest of colours compared to conventional colorants, is illustrated here.

Application Advantages–Superior Hide

Drastic colour changes, stains and other imperfections often make it difficult to deliver flawless results in fewer coats.

The image here shows the superior hide of Regal® Select Interior paint, engineered with Gennex, as compared to its closest national competitor, tinted with Universal Tinting Colorant (UTC).

Leveraging Gennex provides the coverage you need in fewer coats, making jobs easier and more efficient.

Application Advantages–Stable Viscosity

Traditional UTCs contain certain surfactants that can cause instability in the overall viscosity of paint. Depending on the colour, paints can become extremely watery, or alternatively, too thick, impacting proper brush and roller flow. Gennex helps to ensure Benjamin Moore paints retain ideal application properties–no matter the colour.

Take Gennex® Outside

Gennex colorants help our exterior paints stand up to the harshest weather conditions in all colours.

This image shows Aura® Exterior paint tinted with Gennex colorants. Compared to its closest national competitor–after exposing both to third‐party outdoor accelerated weather testing–Aura exterior retains its original colour and fades less.

Years after painting with Benjamin Moore Gennex-engineered paints, homeowners feel confident in the investment they made. And Gennex’s long-lasting results help strengthen professionals’ reputations.

Zero-VOC Waterborne Colorants

Benjamin Moore proudly offers a wide range of low odour, zero-VOC paints. These zero-VOC paints are able to remain zero-VOC even after being tinted with Gennex waterborne colorants.

The same simply is not true of paints that use Universal Tinting Colorant.


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