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How to Paint a Ceiling

The Best Way to Paint a Ceiling

What's the best way to paint a ceiling? Watch our how-to video for step-by-step guidance on how to paint a ceiling the right way–and get amazing results you’ll love.

Step #1: Select the Right Tools

To get started, you will need a 2½-inch angle sash brush, painters tape, a nine-inch roller, sleeve and pan, an extension pole, a step ladder and Benjamin Moore Waterborne Ceiling Paint.

White is a common choice, but you can choose virtually any colour to paint your ceiling, as Benjamin Moore offers thousands and can match the shade you desire.

Step #2: Get the Space Ready

A common question is: “What should I paint first, the ceiling or walls?” Always paint the ceiling before the walls, and always cover everything below the ceiling with drop cloths. Try to empty the room completely to make the job easier. Also, try to remove overhead light fixtures. If you cannot remove fixtures, use painters tape to protect them from spatter or use your brush to cut around them carefully.

Step #3: Prepare Walls & Ceilings with Paint

Start with painting the edge of the ceiling where it meets the wall first. Cut the ceiling in like you would cut in a corner. Starting in the ceiling line, brush into the corner and feather paint 2-3 inches and down onto the wall. If you aren’t going to paint the walls, use painter’s tape to protect the wall or use the brush to cut in a nice straight line along the wall’s edge.

Switch from brush to roller to start painting the rest of the ceiling. Start from the corner of the ceiling and start rolling nearest to a window, so that you can see the light from the window reflecting the wet paint. Then work your way across the room, rolling slowly when you’re near the wall to help avoid hitting it.

Step #4: Keep Your Roller Loaded

Each time you load your roller, start on an unpainted area and work back into a painted area. Paint the ceiling in one session, so the paint dries uniformly. Wait for the coat to dry to determine if a second coat is needed. Check the label instructions for dry times.

Your ceiling is refreshed and ready to fit in with the rest of your home’s interior design.